Christian Leaders, NFP, now called Christian Leaders Ministries does business as Christian Leaders College. Christian Leaders Ministries was founded in response to the attacks of 911 on the world trade center and the United States Pentagon. Founder and President Henry Reyenga was on a mission for the Bible League and found himself in Manhattan, New York.

Moved by the attacks and inspired to bring the healing of Christ to a broken and spiritually dying world, Henry Reyenga, Rich DeVos, and Ron Parr started Christian Leaders Ministries on September 20, 2001.

Christian Leaders Ministries Board of Trustees:

  • James Hunt – Board Chairman
  • Brian DeCook – Secretary
  • Henry Reyenga – President
  • David Zillig – Treasurer
  • Todd Hazelton –
  • Ron Parr
  • Debbie Roesch
  • Ed Van Drunen (Legacy Board Member)
  • Roy Lucas

Christian Leaders Ministries have birthed many ministries since that time.

Our firstborn ministry, Christian Leaders Institute was founded in 2006. The mission of the Christian Leaders Insitute is to raise up Christian leaders worldwide with free ministry training.

Christian Leaders Alliance was founded in 2014. Christian Leaders Alliance provides a process for local ministry ordinations that are recognized globally.

French Christian Leaders Institute was launched in 2014.

Spanish Christian Leaders Institute was launched in 2015.

Chinese Christian Leaders Institute was launched in 2016.

Ignite Restoration was launched in 2018.

Russian Christian Leaders Institute was launched in 2018.

Christian Leaders College was launched in 2019.