God has a plan for your life! He has called you. Christian Leaders College will help you receive Collegiate Credentials that will launch your ministry. Christian Leaders College and Christian Leaders Institute team up together to give you the training and confidence you need to make a difference for Christ!
How does this work? How do I get Admitted?

Step One: Enroll at Christian Leaders Institute

Start Christian Leaders Institute and take the Getting Started Scholar orientation class. This class can be completed in a few hours. You will be given the status of Mission Credential Student after you finish this class. You will then be officially enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Two: Complete the Christian Leaders Institute Connection class and start receive Mission Credentials. 

After you are officially enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute, you are free to enroll in over 50 ministry and Christian Enterprise classes.  You will be automatically enrolled in the Christian Leaders Connection Class as your orientation to CLI continues.  In this Connection class, you will be encouraged to recruit a local mentor in your calling area. This Connection class helps you get “on board” for success in your ministry studies. For instance, in this class and only this class, you will be able to take the quizzes more than once.

At this stage, you will be asked to become a Vision Partner to keep Christian Leaders Institute free and available. You are not required to become a vision partner to study at Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Three: Enroll in the Christian Leaders College

After you complete the Connection Class, you may want to immediately enroll in the Collegiate Credential Class that also enrolls you in Christian Leaders College.

Those who enroll at Christian Leaders College are still enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute. They are now duly enrolled in both schools.

If you do enter into the Christian Leaders College, remember there will be   low administration fees associated with that decision and other accreditation related activities.

If you are not ready to enroll at Christian Leaders College, feel free to just continue to study free classes and receive mission credentials until you are ready to enter Christian Leaders College.