Learning that Changes the World!

The Christian Leaders Ministries’ prime mission is mobilizing volunteer, part-time, and career Christian leaders. Our strategy is Christian Leaders Learning.

What is this?

1. Core Value

Learning is a core value. Christian leaders are asked to learn.

2 Timothy 2:15  Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Christian leaders are life long learners. Learning is a central feature of all the Christian Leaders Ministries’ schools and programs

2. Internet Location or Site

Christian Leaders Learning is an Internet location or site using the learning portal “moodle.”  Moodle launched in 2002 and is an open-source online learning platform that has been customized by the Christian Leaders Ministries to serve the Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders College, and Christian Leaders Alliance.

3. Accessible and Global Training

This learning is online and open to Christians called to serve God in their communities as leaders. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer to study and receive credit for your learning. Christian leaders have accessed this learning tool from over 180 nations.

4. Donation Supported Opportunity

Like Wikipedia or even Moodle, this learning is a donation-based opportunity. This generosity supported structure allows people of different situations to study free classes and courses. Learning is supported by students, individuals, churches, and foundations.

5. Recognition Integration

When someone gets an account at the Christian Leaders Learning site, their studies are recognized as they finish classes, courses, and programs. It gives our students, graduates, and clergy leaders the credibility needed to lead and minister effectively.

6. Scalable Structures

This learning is scalable for more participants and ministries. Like Facebook, Christian Leaders Learning is designed to house tens of thousands of classes, courses, and programs and welcome millions of learners in many languages. This learning is designed with many of the features of social media but customized to preserve the privacy of individual learners.

7.  Individualized Learning

Christian Leaders Learning is individualized. Most online learning platforms are group-oriented, where learners are connected to their teachers and other students for a set period of time. Christian Leaders Learning is set up to be individually oriented. Accredited professors post classes and courses. These courses include lectures, free reading materials, tests, some written assignments, and more. Students have 180 days to complete their classes and courses.

The progress of students is tracked. Students complete their classes, courses, or programs and credentials are digitally recorded and displayed for the public to see with the permission of the student, of course. Students in countries of persecution or students at risk or students who desire to opt-out of the display of their credentials can do so for any reason.