Jamaica Ministry Initiative

Many believe that Jamaica is at a spiritual crossroads. There are churches everywhere and religion appears to be well established. But at the same time, church life is being marginalized as the economic problems loom large and Christian values are not being adopted by the next generation.

While the country has benefited from tourism, the country is under attack by the dark forces of evil. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in gangs, theft, drug selling, drug use, sex trafficking, and murder. According to the United States Department of State, the murder rate in Jamaica is among the highest in the world.

With a population of approximately 2.9 million people, Jamaica continues to have a high homicide rate (60 per 100,000), which places it among the top-five highest (per capita) national homicide rates in the world.

Jamaica is in crisis, and as Jamaica goes, so do many Caribbean Islands.

Christian Leaders Ministries sees the possibility for Christian revival in this island nation. Since 2012, Christian Leaders Institute has been bringing ministry training to Jamaica. Over 90 Christian leaders have graduated with ministry training with various ministry training awards.

Christian Leaders Alliance began an ordination process in Jamaica in 2014. As of April 2019, twelve Christian leaders have been ordained to form a team of Jamaican national leaders.

Rev. Kenroy Edwards represents Christian Leaders Alliance as an ordained Network Elder. He is the Jamaica National Director for the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Here are some of the activities that Rev. Edwards will perform in Jamaica.

  1. Follow up with those who have been reached through the Christian Leaders Ministries, including Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, and Christian Leaders College.
  2. Gather graduates and ministers together for encouragement.
  3. Lead in the ordination process for leaders in Jamaica, honoring when possible local church leaders and creating connections with those leaders to Christian Leaders Alliance.
  4. Develop a Jamaica strategic leader advisory board for the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Stewardly Approach 

Christian Leaders Ministries is developing a generosity-driven model for sustainable funding for the raising up of ministers (mainly bi-vocational).

Features of the Generosity-Driven Approach:

  1. Christian Leaders Institute offers online ministry training correspondence free of charge to the called Christian who is considering going into ministry.
  2. Christian Leaders Institute asks students to become donors to the cause. Thousands of them participate in supporting the ongoing operations of keeping the training free.
  3. Christian Leaders Institute asks individuals, churches, and foundations to support the creating of the classes and mission initiatives such as this one in Jamaica.

Jamaica Initiative Outcomes

The Jamaica Initiative has a goal of raising up more revival Christian leaders in the 2019 calendar year. Specifically,

  1. One hundred graduates of ministry training.
  2. Twenty graduates who become ordained with the Christian Leaders Alliance.
  3. Eight Support Gatherings with the National Director.
  4. One convention of Christian Leaders Ministries trained and ordained leaders.
  5. Detailed cataloging of how graduates in Jamaica are using their ministry training or in what capacity they are ordained.

Jamaica Initiative Budget May-December 2019 

This budget is for the work in Jamaica specifically.

  • National Director Salary and Expenses:  $10,000
  • Promotion for More Students on Facebook: $12,000
  • Fundraising $8,000
  • Travel Expenses: $5,000
  • Administration: $6,000

Total 2019 $41,000


By February 2020, Christian Leaders Ministries will post the ministries results. We pray that God will increase our efforts beyond our goals.

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