Collegiate Credential at Christian Leaders College

When you study free classes at Christian Leaders Institute, you will be invited to join a Collegiate Credential Class if you are seeking USDE-recognized accreditation. When you complete the activities of this class, you will be recognized as a Christian Leaders College student who seeks Collegiate Credentials that adhere to the 22 standards of the United States Department of Education.

How does this work?

At Christian Leaders Institute, you will enroll in a Collegiate Credential Class, you will do activities that establish your readiness for admission to a college program. Only those who have established readiness credential status will be admitted for study at Christian Leaders College. After you successfully complete the class activities you will be admitted to Christian Leaders College.

Collegiate Credential Class Outcomes:

  1. Understand the difference between the Mission Credentials Status and Collegiate Credentials Status.
  2. Become familiar with the USDE-recognized accreditation standards.
  3. Learn the ways to pay the administration fees of Christian Leaders College. Learn about the benefits of the Vision Partners Program.
  4. Review your profile so it can be evaluated on your basic English proficiency.
  5. Complete the activity that establishes the readiness credential status for Christian Leaders College. Only Christian Leaders College students will receive certificates, diplomas, and degrees.
  6. Complete the recommendations activity.

The Process of a Collegiate Credential

Christian Leaders College (CLC) is the collegiate administration arm of Christian Leaders Institute to turn your mission credentials into collegiate credentials. Your study journey at Christian Leaders Institute can seamlessly connect you to Christian Leaders College at Credential Panel.

The purpose of Christian Leaders College is to serve students who want or need collegiate credentials as they complete free classes at Christian Leaders Institute. Christian Leaders College ensures that recognized standards of higher education are present.

These standards will include some of the following:

  • Students will complete a Collegiate Credential Class where they will comply with college readiness standards. These standards involve submitting high school transcripts or GED. There is also an option for taking some free classes that will be recognized as a high school equivalent.
  • Students will write papers for some of their courses. Christian Leaders Institute will make these papers available. Christian Leaders College will administer the writing labs for more advanced academic readiness.
  • Students who enter the Christian Leaders College must submit recommendations in the Collegiate Credential Class.
  • Clear graduation rates will be tracked through the administration of Christian Leaders College.
  • Transfer degrees to partner institutions like Calvin Theological Seminary, Western Theological Seminary, Norther Baptist Seminary, and other schools will be administered through Christian Leaders College.
  • At Christian Leaders College,  you will connect to an online library.
  • You will be able to receive Collegiate Credentials such as Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees.
  • The College Credential Class at Christian Leaders Institute is designed for those who want to enter Christian Leaders College.

Why Christian Leaders College?

A large number of Christian Leaders Institute students have requested collegiate credentials. The purpose of Christian Leaders College provided the accreditation compliance activities for those studying at Christian Leaders Institute.  This way we are not confusing the mission of Christian Leaders Institute with the mission of Christian Leaders College. Each organization has its clear purpose in raising up more Christian Leaders.

The purpose of Christian Leaders Institute is to offer high quality free ministry training granting mission credentials at the award level. This is perfect for church planting and ordination. The free classes and digital mission credentials serve every rank with excellent ministry preparation.

The purpose of Christian Leaders College is to put a process in place that serves a segment of students who want more collegiate credentials.

We are working with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) out of Orlando, Florida. For CLC to have  USDE-recognized accreditation, this class is a necessary step in our compliance with the 22 standards that guide the accreditation process.

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